Why I created Jenius

Think of Jenius as more than just a blog, but rather the start of something special. It’s entirely fair to consider Jenius as a new source of inspiration and learning within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) community. However, It’s also the beginning of a new technology startup meant to help people. At Jenius, expect to learn about new products that we’re developing in addition to learning new things.

Inspiration is one of the main reasons why I created Jenius. I like to teach people about new technology and ideas through my various projects. However, I needed a place to post about the projects that I’m working on currently. Social media is fantastic for letting people know about my new ideas but horrible for detailing the full scope. Jenius will serve as a repository for everything that I’m working on, and I hope that it inspires readers to create something as well.

Visibility within the STEM community is critical to me. It goes without saying that there is a lack of diversity within multiple subareas of technology. I hope to change that. As a double minority working in tech, I would like to be more visible to not only my peers but younger minorities. Additionally, I’d like to more visible for personal reasons. I have a lot of information in my head, and It seems quite selfish not to share it.

As stated earlier in this post, Jenius is an actual business. While I’m giving inspiration and visibility to the technology community, I’m also working hard on real products. In time, readers will learn about various research and development that has been done to bring innovative products to life. The main focus behind products that we develop is to keep them simple, aesthetic, and useful. There will be soft launches and limited runs posted on this very page, which will transcend to a full store in which readers can buy Jenius branded products.

There you have it. Jenius has officially launched, and I hope that it helps spark some new creative thoughts and projects!

Jen, Founder